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Forms must be submitted prior to Race meeting:

- Medical Form
   Click here to fill out the medical info form.

 - Rules & Regulations (read, print, sign and turn in at pre-race meeting)
    Click here for the rules and regulations document.

 - Participation Waiver (read, print, sign and turn in at pre-race meeting)
    Click here for the participation waiver document.

Helpful information:

 - The race is 2 weeks later than last year which makes a big difference in weather, plan for hotter temperatures this year.

 - The pre-race meeting on Thursday night is MANDATORY

 - Day 3 has a "cut off"...


 - Helmet (recommend a light weight, breathable bike helmet)

 - Camel Pack (required to be filled)

Highly Recommended:

 - Start pre-hydrating days before the race.

 - Don't drink beer or alcohol the night before the race.

 Food: These items may vary slightly.

This is a small stipen, you're required to provide any extra food you may need to support your body. Plan to have some funds for purchasing additional food.

Day 1 
 - Mile 20.23 - drink & snack
 - Finish Line - snacks & drinks and dinner at trail head (not the Depot)

Day 2
 - Breakfast - Hotel lobby options or bananas and bagels
 - Mile 52 - drink
 - Mile 13.6 - drink & snack
 - Finish - drink & snacks
 - Dinner - You are responsible for your own dinner (Hotel located next to Wal-Mart & restuarants)
Day 3
 - Breakfast - Hotel lobby
 - Mile 13.6 - drink
 - Mile 52 - drink 
 - Mile 38.76 - water & food
 - Mile 20.23 - drink
 - Finish - drink & snack and dinner at hotel

 All race registration payments are non-refundable 48 hours prior to the race:

 - Funding for this race comes strictly from the entrance fees and is used to prepare for the event.

 - In the event that you cannot attend the event after paying your registration and hotels, please email

General Event Questions - Marion Karr

Lodging & Transportation Questions - Marion Karr

To Volunteer - Marion Karr

 Trail Stations

Day 1

-  20.23 mile Tara Drummond
-  Finish Line – 38.76 mile Rockmart

Day 2 

-  52 mile, Cedartown Depot      
-  13.6 mile, Eubanks Welcome Ctr     
-  Finish Woodland Park, AL – 32.5 

Day 3   

-  13.6 mile, Eubanks Welcome Center     
-  52 mile, Cedartown Depot      
-  38.76 Rockmart
20.23 mile Tara Drummond
-  Finish Mavell Trail Head- 0 mile